Welcome to CCJ Genie – Read on to learn more about CCJs and what to do about them

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) can have a big impact on your finances. Sometimes people don’t know even know that they have a CCJ, especially people who change address frequently. Discovering one can be an unpleasant surprise.

Why Does a CCJ Matter?

A CCJ can have a big effect your credit score and how lenders deal with you. An unpaid CCJ will make a lender see you as a risk and is a good indicator that if they lend you money or credit, that you might not pay it back. It is also likely to increase the interest rates a lender might be prepared to lend at, if it is prepared to lend at all.

This site is to help people who discover a CCJ, to understand their options and what they can do about it, including:

  • Is it possible to dispute it?
  • How to go about paying it?
  • How to get it removed from a credit history or shown as paid?
  • Other options to consider such as insolvency measures?

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Avoiding CCJs

Our site is aimed at helping people deal with CCJs that they knew nothing about until discovering them. However, if you have received court papers it is essential to respond and deal with the matter, rather than ignoring it. Ignoring court proceedings whilst knowing about them, will make it much more difficult to take any action to remove the CCJ if one is entered. Prevention is always better than the cure.

If you have received court papers or someone is threatening to take you to court, please visit our sister site Small Claims Court Genie for information on how to deal with small claims disputes and court proceedings.

You should also check your credit report regularly to ensure you spot any changes such as a CCJ being entered against you. Discovering one is the first step.