Giving You An Overview Of Your Options If You Have A CCJ Against You Or Your Business

A CCJ can have a huge impact upon your credit report but you can repair the damage

There are steps you can take to reduce the impact of a CCJ or to remove it entirely

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where are you in the ccj process?

I’m Being Sued

If you are being pursued for a debt, don’t ignore the letters and court proceedings you receive.

If the claim falls within £10,000 in value, you need to be familiar with the small claims court process to help avoid a CCJ.

Just Found It

If you have only just discovered a CCJ is entered against your credit report, you need to take swift action if you want to challenge it.

A challenge will require an application to court and it is important to act quickly.

Can’t Afford It

If you cannot afford to pay the CCJ and it is unlikely that will change, you ought to look into options to help relieve the pressure.

There are charities and insolvency practitioners that can help give guidance on your options.

I’ve Paid It

If you have paid the CCJ, you can apply for the record to be updated, either for the record to be removed or marked as paid.

It depends how quickly you pay as to what your options are.

A CCJ can have a huge impact … but you can take action

A CCJ is registered at the Registrar of County Court Judgments. Once the court enters a CCJ, the Registrar should be notified automatically which will add it to the database.

Credit reference agencies check the Registry records and that will impact their decision upon whether to lend and if so on what terms / rates.

However, you can take action on a CCJ to try to repair the damage it is causing to your credit rating or to even remove it entirely. 

CCJs entered against consumers








The total value of CCJs entered against consumers

CCJs entered against businesses




The total value of CCJs entered against businesses

Statistics are usually released by the Registry Trust quarterly. We will update the above as and when the latest statistics are available.


Delay can be critical in whether the court allows an application to set aside default judgment so take action today

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CCJ Genie Set Aside Pack

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