Our Pack To Set Aside Default Judgment

A Helping Hand In Your Application To Set Aside Default Judgment

If you have decided to apply to set aside a default judgment, you might not know where to start in terms of what to do and what documents to send to court.

The court rules can be difficult to navigate around and overwhelming once you have found the rules relevant to the application. For that reason, we have prepared a pack to help those approaching such an application without legal representation, consisting of the precedent documents you need to complete and also a guide to explain what you need to do and the implications of making the application. We sell the guide at a proportionate cost and as a cheaper alternative to using a solicitor. You can download the pack for only £50.

What we mean by precedent documents is that they have been prepared and completed as far as possible for you to tailor and amend to the particular facts of your case. No two cases are identical so you need to go through the documents and amend them accordingly.

The pack has been prepared by a litigation lawyer with over 16 years hands on experience, including successful applications to set aside default judgment.

The Pack Consists Of:

The CCJ Genie guide on setting aside default judgment

Application notice

Witness statement in support

Draft order setting aside judgment

Draft order staying execution

Draft defence skeleton

Guidance notes on completing a defence

Letter to the court

Case reports relevant to applications like this (with the relevant sections highlighted)


Delay can be critical in whether the court allows an application to set aside default judgment so take action today

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CCJ Genie Set Aside Pack

The Cost And Comparison To Using A Solicitor

The pack costs £50 and is available for instant download.

You might want to use a solicitor to make an application like this but you are under no obligation to have a solicitor to use the courts. Many people and businesses use the courts without legal representation as a litigant in person. Doing so ensures you keep control of the matter and can save costs. Typically, a solicitor might estimate 2-3 hours to prepare an application like this. Adopting a fairly standard hourly rate of £175 plus VAT, the cost to you could be £350 – £525 plus VAT, or possibly more.

Downloading the pack and finalising the application yourself therefore creates a considerable saving.

Technical / Download Info

The documents are delivered as a mixture of Word files and pdfs within a zip file. Once the folder is accessed, you can download the individual documents to your computer or device and amend accordingly. We provide the application notice as a pdf as we strongly advise that you always use the up to date version of the application notice, which you can download from the Justice website (we provide the link to it in the guide). The precedent shows you want needs to be included in it.

We repeat that the documents are precedents you need to finalise and tailor to your particular claim.

The decision to make the application is yours but the pack will make you aware of the rules, risks and implications of making it. If you unsure as to what  action to take, we recommend you obtain independent legal advice.