Responding To Court Proceedings

Responding To Court Proceedings – Do Not Delay

If you have received papers from the court, do not ignore them. Failing to respond in time, can result in Default Judgment and a CCJ being entered against you.

Defending A Claim

The court deadlines are strict and the court may refuse you to allow to defend a claim if you respond too late. They can also be surprisingly short so do not delay. If you want to fight a claim, you need to file and serve a written Defence. The court papers you have received ought to consist of a pack including the basic forms you need to respond.

Admitting A Claim

Even if you admit the claim, you are better to respond confirming such along with any proposals you might have for payment. The court can be quite lenient when if considers applications for payment by instalments, which could mean the Claimant is unable to enforce the CCJ provided you keep up with the instalments.

Guidance On The Small Claims Process

If you have received court proceedings, we highly recommend you visit Small Claims Court Genie for guidance, if the value of the claim does not exceed £10,000.